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Who are we ?

Anis & Nabila Ben Nejma

Olive Oil Producers

We are Anis and Nabila. We represent a small family business, situated in Menzel Kamel in the Sahel region of Tunisia.
Salah and Souhaila work with us in France, to distribute our products.

Olive Oil, our passion

We have grown up in the little village of Menzel Kamel in Tunisia. For as long as we can remember, olive trees have always been a family heritage, the harvest is a celebration, and the olive oil is our pride. Today we continue this family tradition of olive oil production, handed down through the generations. Heirs to an age old tradition, we are proud to share the fruit of our work and our olive groves: a range of superior quality oils at a competitive price.

Between tradition and modernity

Heirs to an age old tradition, we are carrying on the simple ways of cultivation which maintain the quality of soils. The olives are hand picked, the trees receive no chemical treatments. Years ago the Tunisian mills were modernised in order to preserve the nutritional and taste quality of the olive oil. Progressively, our ways of cultivating have been enriched by innovative concepts like biodynamic and permaculture farming. Today, we are developing our brand in order to enhance the produce of our country and to share its benefits.

Our ethic, our certifications

Since the beginning, Mediterrior has been committed to farming without chemicals, in accordance with the organic certification. We have succeeded in receiving one of the first PGI designations (Protected Geographical Indication) in Tunisia for our range of olive oils. Our Demeter certified oil highlights our respect for the environment and human beings. It responds to an increasing demand from our clientele for ethical, quality products. With this in mind, we are preparing another higher quality oil with the Demeter label; another step towards our ideal! Since July 2020, we have begun a process to certify our whole company in terms of ethical quality, evaluating the workers’ social security, their working conditions and their salaries.
Huile d'olive Demeter
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Our partners

Artisans and Producers

In the spirit of cooperation and mutual help, we also act as representatives of other Tunisian made products. These partnerships also allow us to propose a greater diversity of products, notably Hazoua dates and olive wood handicrafts.

Our clients and distributors

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We distribute our products in Europe: France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, and in the USA: California We deal with individuals as much as professionals: wholesalers, organic food shops, restaurants…

Menzel Kamel,

The Land of the Olive Tree

In Menzel Kamel, the landscape is sculpted by olive groves, outlined by cactuses.

Palm trees in the desert

The jewel of the Hazoua oasis is its date palm plantation, managed in harmony with nature.


and Olive Wood

In the Sfax region, artisans reveal the profound beauty of olive wood
Artisan bois dolivier 2