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High quality

Organic Olive Oil

Tazamour oil is a single variety olive oil which comes exclusively from the little , strongly scented Chemlali olives.

It is one of the first oils to receive the PGI designation (Protected Geographical Indication) in Tunisia. en Tunisie.

Tazamour Organic Olive Oil

The Green One

These olives ripen in the Tunisian Sahel, in the eastern central part of Tunisia, in the region of Monastir (in Arabic: المنستير). The oil is quite full bodied and deliciously perfumed enough to surprise your palate with its hint of freshly cut grass. Our olives are hand picked between mid November and the beginning of December. The extraction happens the same day as the harvest, using a mechanical press, at a temperature of less then 26ºC. The resulting oil is of exceptional quality.
Moulin traditionnel tunisien
To avoid oxidation, our oils are protected by an inert gas during the bottling stage. Our oil is filtered naturally by decantation. The bottles are tinted to protect the contents from light. Then they are stored in underground vats to protect them from heat. This oil is not filtered, it can present a slight deposit. This is not a flaw, but a sign of quality. When cold, the olive oil can appear cloudy or develop a thickened consistence. This phenomenon has no impact on the quality of the oil.
Huile d'olive bio Haut de gamme
Huile d'olive vierge extra bio tunisienne premium
IP tunisie - huile d'olive bio

Premium organic Zaytoun olive oil

Premium Organic Zaytoun Olive Oil

The Sweet One

Menzel Kamer - production d'huile d'olive bio Premium
The secret of our high quality Zaytoun Extra Virgin olive oil comes from the fact that the olive groves are subject to optimum climatic conditions and therefore require no chemical treatments. The olives are hand picked and transported directly to the oil press mill the same day. They are washed to remove any soil and pressed immediately, exclusively cold pressed. This oil is not filtered, it can present a slight deposit. This is not a flaw, but a sign of quality.