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Our organic olive Oils

Like good wine, olive oil is judged by its flavour, colour, aroma and acidity

Each variety of olive oil is unique because it has been made according to specific conditions: the soil; the climate; the variety of the olive and age of the tree; the time of harvest and the treatments used.

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Olive oil, our tradition, our passion

Several images of the harvest and pressing at Menzel Kamel

Extra Virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a superior quality oil, cold pressed and without any flaws. Its acidity must not exceed 0.8%, however, quality oils have a much lower acidity. Mediterroir olive oil is one of superior quality, with its rich aroma and flavour and low acidity <0.3%. This oil has received the PGI designation (Protected Geographical Indication) guaranteeing its geographical origin.

Health benefits

When this oil is handled correctly, it conserves its aroma, vitamins and the taste of the fruit that it has come from. Rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and in polyphenols, olive oil has positive effects on health, with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. We have made the choice to farm organically in respect for the environment and the consumer.