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Olive wood kitchen utensils and decorative items

We sell a large range of olive wood handicrafts

We make unique items for the table and for decoration: salad bowls, fruit dishes, chopping boards, mortars...

Olive wood is difficult to turn or carve because of its hardness and its fibrous grain. Three years of drying and maturing is required for each piece.
One of the most difficult parameters to understand is the way this tree grows. Quality trees have to be selected, then the branches, trunks and tree stumps have to be collected. The logs are then rapidly made into planks or blocks, according to which objects are to be made, before being stored and left to dry and mature for several years.
Our products are available in our shop

Olive wood crafts

Olive trees

Each item is handcrafted from the solid trunk of the olive tree.

The manufacturing

Each piece has a different grain and structure which gives each item a unique look. This is what makes the authenticity and charm of olive wood products.